Friday, March 3, 2017

The water management works initiated by VSSM

Almost a year back VSSM took the idea of water conservation through rain water harvesting and lake revival to the village communities of Banaskantha, the concept was foreign to them and hence received a very lukewarm response. We began with one village but, as time progressed and more communities got to understand about the benefits of recharging the ground water VSSM started receiving requests for lake revival from Nanol, Paradar, Karnasar etc. This season we have depended 2 lakes in Nanol village. The communities have come forward, are contributing according to their ability and working towards preserving their water resources…. With more and more villages joining in  we could sense that communities have resolved to work towards such efforts. And we couldn’t be happier!!

The concept and efforts have been conceived by our respected Shri. Rashminbhai Sanghavi, who was amidst the communities recently to monitor and guide the ongoing efforts. He interacted with the community members to resolve the concerns and doubts they posed.

We are grateful to our donors who have supported us in pursuing this initiative…

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